How to configure DBMailer in SQL Express

If you have installed SQL Express, then you won't be getting an option to configure the DBMailer from SSMS. This configuration is needed for sending out emails from eMAM Workflows. Please follow the below steps in order to configure DBMailer in SQL Express.

Step 1

Login to SQL server and open SSMS as Administrator

Step 2

Right click on eMAM Database and select New Query

Step 3

Provide the below info and execute the script. Text marked in Green does not need to be changed. Text marked in RED needs to be changed according to your SMTP details

EXEC proc_SetupConfigureDBMail

@p_description ='For sending out emails from eMAM Workflow',
@p_email_address ='Your SMTP Email',
@p_replyto_address ='Your SMTP Reply Email',
@p_port = 'SMTP Port',
@p_display_name ='Choose your display name',
@p_username ='Enter SMTP User Name',
@p_password='Enter SMTP Password',
@p_mailserver_name ='Enter SMTP Server Address',
@p_enable_ssl = Put 1 for SSL enabled, Put 0 for Non SSL

Please refer the below screenshot,

After executing this you will be getting a similar message like below,

Step 4

After this, you can login to eMAM Super admin and create a workflow with Notify. There you can configure this DBMailer profile. Please see below,

Please trigger the workflow and make sure you are receiving the emails.

If you need any further assistance, please drop an email to